Testimonials of Inmates

“I have just completed Phase II of your New Hope for Freedom. I just wanted to write you and let you know that it has greatly affected my life. It has given me the knowledge to take my life to a new level through the power of Jesus Christ. I really enjoy the Who God Says I Am meditation. It really builds up your confidence by reading it twice a day. I want to thank your ministry for putting this program together. It has helped change many people’s lives.” ―Cory

“I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful your program is. I have seen many lives changed. I really think this program could help many people from re-offending and really clean their life and their family’s life up. This program is life-changing. ―Inmate, Wapello County Jail

“I have New Hope for Inmates Phase I – it’s truly AMAZING! I had to stop to write you to thank you for such an amazing handbook! I have never felt more at peace and in God’s trust. Thank you so much.” ―Kevin

“When I am released I want to use these study materials to help others. I’ve experienced miraculous results using God’s Word, the declarations, lists and Doctrinal Prayer. I’m going to help others the way I’ve been helped. I can’t begin to thank you for the wonderful handbooks. They have been life-changing for me. Praise God! Bless you! ―Inmate, Wapello County Jail

“I am writing to thank you for the life changing, powerful message of the student handbooks. I have my own copies of Phase I and Phase II of the handbooks. Using this technology (The Word of God arranged in such an organized way), I have reached out to God and found a peace and fulfillment I never knew possible! Through prayer and meditation (on God’s Word) I realized God’s calling for me. I want to receive training and information so I can use this technology to help other people. I want to work with the ministry team coming here to reach out to newly released inmates. We will work with inmates to help keep these guys from relapsing and reoffending. I’ve personally witnessed the men coming into jail, detoxifying from alcohol/drugs, then coming to the Lord. Every man wants to do well, be better, and not reoffend. Many men are released, lose contact with the ministry team, do not become involved with a church or organization, and consequently become caught in the temptation and circumstances of the world. I believe the missing component is a well organized, step-by-step gradient approach to healing – which is exactly what the New Hope Ministry Handbooks are! God knows the information contained in the handbooks is more powerful than a thousand drug task forces and drug courts! I’m convinced these handbooks can be used to make a huge impact on newly released inmates and people outside jail to come to God and lead drug-free, meaningful lives! Whether one wants to call this treatment, counseling, ministry, or learning how to be healed and brought to God…Your materials are the most powerful rehabilitation tool I’ve ever experienced!” ―Inmate, Wapello County Jail

“We personally experience daily miracles while studying the materials. You can see a guy’s face light up with the cognition of the reality of the Scriptures arranged in a manner that is so easily assimilated. It is truly, truly awesome!” ―Inmate, Wapello County Jail

“I have started Phase II and it is just as good, if not better than Phase I. I cannot wait to see Phase III. Thank you and all your staff for taking so much time and effort to put these studies together. They are so awesome. And as strange as it sounds, I’m kind of glad I got put in Jail or I would have never met the Lord as I have. And I would have never known about New Hope Ministry.” ―Mark

“The materials kept my attention and I could not wait to see what the next lesson had in store for me. You all have put so much time and effort into these studies. They are awesome and truly a blessing. When our minister started telling us about these study guides, we were excited about it. Then he got them and throwed them down in front of us. I looked at that book and said to myself, what have I gotten into― 250 pages of studies? I am 44 years old and I’m not a student anymore. Well after the first assignment, I was hooked. To tell the truth I always skimmed ahead a little just to see what was coming up next. These materials are awesome and I have learned so much I did not know.” ―Inmate, Wapello County Jail

You all have put some real time and trouble into making this study book really awesome and informative. Thank you and God bless every one of your staff. One day a friend asked me, she said, What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, I thought about it for a few moments and then replied, When I grow up I want to be HAPPY. And now I believe I truly am. God Bless.” ―Inmate, Wapello County Jail

These materials are phenomenal,

life-changing. I know I am accepted by my Heavenly Father. His love is constant and continuous. I was bought with a price and I belong to God. It's what I wish I would have been taught when I first became a Christian.

~ Paula Oberbeck (Bible Study)
life-changing. I know I am accepted by my Heavenly Father. His love is constant and continuous. I was bought with a price and I belong to God. It's what I wish I would have been taught when I first became a Christian. ~ Paula Oberbeck (Bible Study)