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Are you ready to be rocked? Rocked out of mediocrity, that is? Are you ready to be led to the Rock and Power Source of abundant life? This journey begins with your learning that you are a Child of the King, and ends with your becoming a Warrior of the King. (See product description below.)

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Devote your life to Christ the King, and watch all heaven break loose. This ground-breaking study:

  • Builds and strengthens your personal, intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father.
  • Brings healing and deliverance where needed.
  • Grounds you in your faith.
  • Produces a desire to serve.
  • Equips you, regardless of age or skill, to do so effectively.

There is a difference between a soldier and a warrior. A soldier serves out of duty; a warrior serves out of devotion.

Leader Handbooks are designed with notes and instructions on exactly what to do and say to lead teens through the New Hope Series, with accompanying Student Handbooks that also contain kit items used as assignments throughout the study.

Book 1: Foundation of the Kingdom — Leader books include Instructions Section, and both Leader and Student books contain the following Starter Kit Items:

  • Who God Says I Am bookmark
  • Sword of the Spirit spiral note card set
  • Prayer bookmark

(in progress) Book 2: Relationship with the King
(in progress) Book 3: Truth of the King
(in progress) Book 4: Freedom through the King
(in progress) Book 5: Transformation by the King — includes Kit Item Battle Prayers Booklet 
(in progress) Book 6: Power from the King


Book 1 (with Starter Kit) – $17.50

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Book 1: Foundation of the Kingdom (Leader), Book 1: Foundation of the Kingdom (Student)


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