Bible College/Seminary Curriculum Kit – Biblical Counseling Course


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Curriculum Kit for Biblical Counseling Course

Training Students to do Pastoral or Lay Counseling, or to set up a Biblical Counseling Center.

Whether it is addiction, depression, or any other emotional, relational, or spiritual problem, beginning this Biblical Counseling Program will mark “the turning point” in a person’s battle.


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A very unique “multi-tool” that will equip your Students to do Biblical Counseling — and help them train and equip lay people to assist with counseling.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 Counselor Instructor Handbook and Starter Kit items
  • 1 Counselee Handbook sample and Starter Kit items
  • Curriculum Kit Instructor Handbook (containing lesson plans, assignment lists, and exams)
  • Miscellaneous New Hope Samples and much more…

The percentage rate is staggering of Pastors who do not do counseling. The majority of Pastors say they feel totally unequipped to do counseling. One of the reasons is due to the notion that counseling has to be done on “issues.” The New Hope Biblical Counseling Program is different.

Most counseling wastes so much time searching for the “root” of the person’s problem. Whereas, the New Hope Biblical Counseling Program leads a person through a set Scriptural system that covers the “main root problems” of all issues. If all the roots are properly dealt with first, the issues tend to disappear along the way. It also teaches the process of renewing the mind: identifying wrong thinking, rejecting lies, and replacing them with truth.

You lead the Counselee through the program using the uniquely designed Counselor and Counselee Handbooks. The Counselee receives handouts of everything that is covered each session. This provides them with a complete Counseling Handbook at the end, to be able to refer to at any point in their lives — a tool that helps bring about lasting change. We’ve made it simple and easy to follow — which makes it easy to train lay people to help meet the counseling needs in their churches (and communities). With the New Hope Counseling Handbooks, anyone can be trained to lead a person through the program, just by following the instructions in the text.

We personalize the New Hope Counselor Handbooks with your school name and information. We also customize Class Outlines for you to follow, according to how many weeks your classes run.

The New Hope Curriculum Kit makes it easy for Bible Colleges and Seminaries to include this Biblical Counseling Program in their offered class list.


Curriculum Kit for Biblical Counseling – $500

Click here for Counselor Student Handbooks ($75 each), to be ordered separately for each Student.