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Do you feel God is leading you to counsel others?  We at New Hope Ministry believe that counseling needs should be met by the local church, and God is using us to equip His people to meet the counseling needs all around them. New Hope is a 501(c)(3), charitable, non-denominational org. Our mission is two-fold: 1) To help heal hurting people; 2) To equip God’s people to help others. Through your faith and your diligence in ministry, people will have an opportunity to experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ at work in their own lives. The Handbooks we have designed are being used to help people carry out counseling in their own ministries. NHM is being used as a pattern to set up other Biblical Counseling centers as well. You will find our Handbooks to be firmly rooted in God’s Word and will encourage you to rely on His Word and power in all aspects of life and ministry. This counseling program creates an atmosphere for someone to have a personal experience with God and sets processes of deliverance in motion that continue to be carried out even after people have completed the program. How awesome to consider the eternal significance of your part in making a difference in the lives of others.
The whole idea was to create a ministry tool that anyone could use just by following the instructions. 
The Lord directed us to make a unique tool that has multiple uses to accomplish His expected end in each person. It is a tool for.....

meeting counseling needs,

for evangelizing your community,

for helping struggling Christians,

for discipling new Christians,

for deepening your walk with the Lord,

for training and equipping people to serve. 



Our prayer is that you can use our materials to duplicate our ministry in your own community and around the world.



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