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New Hope for Personal Freedom

This New Hope Personal Workbook Series, assembled in spiral binding, has many of the kit items used in assignments incorporated into the text. The materials are laid out in daily lessons with workbook questions to answer. At the end of each day there is an assignment checklist and blank cards on the page on which to write out your Truth Statement and Sword Verses. A blank Journal page is also inserted at the end of each lesson. The New Hope bookmarks are on a card stock page inside the front cover, which can be left in the book for easy access, or cut out to use as bookmarks. Works well for individuals or Sunday School Classes.

The New Hope for Personal Freedom Workbooks are in a six-book series:

Workbook 1 – “Foundation”
Workbook 2 – “Relationship”                                            
Workbook 3 – “Truth”
Workbook 4 – “Freedom”
Workbook 5 – “Transformation” - with Kit Item: Battle Prayers Pamphlet
Workbook 6 – “Power”

Workbook 1 - $15.00

Workbooks 2-6 - $12.50 each

Discount price of $69.75 for purchase of 6-book set (10% Saving!)



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