2017 End of Year Report

Thank you so much for your continued support of New Hope Ministry & Counseling Center. There are so many testimonies and encouraging reports to hear from the real people who are being helped by New Hope in the End of Year Report. We want you to know what your gifts are helping to accomplish. You are such an important part of it and we are so thankful for you. Thank you for helping to sustain and expand the much needed ministries of New Hope!

God Bless You Abundantly!



Children will be given the opportunity to come in and shop, FREE OF CHARGE, for their immediate family members. A Volunteer will help them shop, and then wrap their gifts.

If you would like to donate wrapping paper or gift bags for this special shopping day, please bring it to the Hope Chest during store hours. Come in, or contact Holly Oden, The Hope Chest Thrift Store Manager, for more information: 641-895-7001, or to sign up to be a Volunteer.  

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Fall Fundraiser Food Stand Blessings

Thank you to all who donated food, items, and baked goods for our Fall Fundraiser Food Stand at Pancake Day! It was a BEAUTIFUL day. As of today, all of the food is gone except some Bake Sale goodies, which we will have available at New Hope Counseling Center this week if you would like to stop by and pick up something for a donation!
The Raffle for the very cool Artisan Crafted 40″ Rustic Metal Windmill Hanging Light with Chain and 11 Qt Ball Jars will go on until Nov 1 with drawing at 5 pm. It will be on display at our Hope Chest Thrift Store – 309 West Van Buren in Centerville, Iowa.


Hanging Windmill Light Raffle

Raffle for an Artisan Crafted 40″ Rustic Metal Windmill Hanging Light with Chain and 11 Qt Ball Jars.

-Drawing Nov 1 at 5 pm-

On Display at Hope Chest Thrift Store

309 West Van Buren in Centerville, Iowa

All proceeds go to the Ministries of New Hope:

New Hope Counseling Center

Hope Pregnancy Center

Hope Chest Thrift Store

Hope Loan Closet

New Hope Prayer & Worship Center

Feast of Trumpets

-Special Event-

At the New Hope Prayer & Worship Center

Celebrating The Lord’s Feast of Trumpets

Thursday, Sept 21st

10:30 – Noon

Prayer Center open from 8:00-Noon (open Thurs instead of Wed this week)

Hope you will Join Us for this Special Celebration!


Pancake Day Food Stand

-New Hope Food Stand-

Centerville Pancake Day Sept 30th


Grilled Chicken Sandwiches & Chips

Bake Sale Goodies & Bottled Water

Located at Hope Chest Thrift Store

309 West Van Buren – Serving 11 am – 2 pm

All proceeds go to: New Hope Ministry & Counseling Center.
We are also hold Raffle for an artisan crafted 40″ Rustic Metal Windmill Hanging Light with Chain and 11 Qt Ball Jars.

Stop by to help us make this a great annual event!


Fall Training Classes

2017 – New Hope Training Classes

Join the Warrior Brigade!

New Hope Counseling Center is in need of additional Counselors and Prayer Partners to meet the current and future needs of the people on our waiting list. We will hold an 8-week Biblical Counseling Training on Thursday evenings beginning Sept 7th through Nov 2nd from 6-9 p.m. The only charge for the Training Class is to cover the cost for printing the Counselor/Prayer Partner Handbook and Starter Kit items ($37.50). No counseling degree or experience needed. The program is designed for the Counselor and Prayer Partner teams to simply follow the Counseling Handbook to lead the Counselee through it. The program is called “Turning the Battle.” Whether it is addiction, depression, or any other emotional, relational, or spiritual problem, beginning this will mark “the turning point” in the person’s battle. These New Hope Materials were developed to deal with main root problems in people’s lives from which all other problems and issues stem. Perhaps you’re ready to move from a soldier to a warrior for Jesus, or know of a wannabe warrior you could encourage to join our crusade to “Turn the Battle.” God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

Personal testimony from a New Hope Counseling Graduate: “I was in bondage for many years, even as a Christian I had a lot of knowledge, but still had many issues dwelling in my heart. God used New Hope to reveal the lies that I had believed about myself and about God. I once struggled with anxiety, but now I have peace. I once was heavy in depression, but now I have joy. Where there was bondage, I now have freedom. God has used New Hope to bring redemption, healing, and wholeness to every area of my life.” 

Call Cindy Johnston (NHCC Counseling Director) if you have questions or to sign up for the Training: 641-856-3326.

New Hope will also be offering a 4-week Discipleship Training Class, beginning with Book 1 of our “Becoming A Warrior of the King” program materials, on Monday evenings beginning Sept 11 from 6-8 p.m. This class helps equip the Body of Christ to disciple those who want to know who God really is and how to have a relationship with Him on a deeply personal level (with no denominational slant). It takes people from the point of being a child of the King to becoming a warrior of the King. We have developed a way to make Discipleship easy. People will look at the Handbooks and say: I can do this!

Personal testimonies from people who have gone through this study:

“These materials are phenomenal, life-changing. It’s what I wish I would have been taught when I first became a Christian.” -Paula

“All through Seminary and Bible College I never came across material that affected a person’s spiritual life as this material does. I can only say if you want to see the life of an individual change or a congregation change, invite them to use this material.” -Pastor David

“It is a spiritual feast, amazing, I am in awe and grateful.” -Pam

“These materials were so very beneficial for me. Each section was like stepping stones (advancement) in my getting more knowledge and getting to know my Father better.” -George

This Discipleship Program not only helps to strengthen and deepen a Believer’s walk with the Lord, but also equips them to serve and minister to others in their local church or neighborhood. Imagine what your church or neighborhood, filled with warriors of the King could do… What it could do in our communities… In our world… We want to help make Disciples, to help equip God’s people to Disciple others, who will then in turn serve and minister to others in and through their local churches and the community.

Cost of the Training is $20.00 for the Discipler Book 1 and Starter Kit items. Seating is limited. Call soon to reserve your spot. This small investment of time can transform your life, and the lives of countless others. For more information, or to register for the Discipleship Training, call New Hope at: 641-856-3326.

Best Rummage Mania Ever!

Another Great Year! 

We want to express a big Thank You, to everyone who helped make Rummage Mania another incredible success. It really was our best Rummage Mania ever! Most Volunteers we’ve ever had…Most shoppers we’ve ever had…Most Silent Auction bidders we’ve ever had…Fastest clean up we’ve ever done…What a blessed week we had! As always, we were abundantly blessed by the outpouring of items. Hundreds of people and families were blessed because of the generosity of people who live in this area and the surrounding counties. We heard words of praise and thankfulness from many people. Donations were around $4800, with a few more still trickling in, which will help us continue offering our Biblical Counseling services free of charge. Some of the remaining items went to our “Hope Chest Thrift Store” here in Centerville at 309 W Van Buren. The rest were donated to C.R.O.S.S. Ministries, located in Osceola, IA, a wonderful Christian Ministry with a variety of mission works. THANK YOU to everyone involved!”

8th Annual Rummage Mania!

8th Annual Rummage Mania!

Drop Off Dates:

Mon., July 10th thru Wed., July 12th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

First Baptist Church – 603 W State St – Centerville – west doors

Rummage Mania Dates:

Thursday, July 13th 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Friday, July 14th 7:30 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday, July 15th 7:30 am – 12:00 pm


It’s our 8th Annual Rummage Mania & Homemade Treats! New Hope is getting ready for our biggest event of the year! You’ll find treasures galore as you walk the aisles. Table after table will be piled high with everything imaginable. The back room resembles a department store, filled with clothing and shoes in every size, style, and color. This community event blesses everyone. Donating your unwanted items helps you clean out some clutter, and makes you feel good about giving to such a worthy cause. It helps not only the local mission work of New Hope, but the hundreds of customers that come to find needed items, or just something fun they might not otherwise be able to afford. Among the treasures, you can sort through boxes of books, mounds of movies, piles of purses, and holiday decorations of all kinds. And for all you guys out there, we have some man cave stuff you’ll want to check out.

Loads of items get dropped off from the wonderful people of our area, helping to make this three day event the success it has become. This all started as a way to have a fundraiser that also helps and blesses the community, and it has grown every year. We keep it simple…you shop, you pick the price! There are no price tags, so you give what you want as a donation to New Hope. The annual event is held at First Baptist Church, 603 W State St, in Centerville. There will be a Silent Auction for collectibles and higher value items, and fresh Baked Goods will also be available (baked goods are priced). To make this a continued success, We Need Your Stuff, so it’s time once again to start sorting out those closets, garage, attic, and basement. Help to move large items will be available only if needed, on Monday, July 10th – by appointment so call ahead: 641-856-3326. Because this event is intended to help and bless people, we ask people to be respectful of those who truly are in need when they come to shop. Please no gathering of items for re-sale. No early shoppers. We do reserve the right to limit the amount taken by each person so that everyone may have the same chance to benefit. Children must be accompanied by an adult. All proceeds from Rummage Mania go to support the local mission work of New Hope Counseling Center, providing Biblical Counseling free of charge.


10 Days of Prayer Leading to Global Day of Prayer

10 Days of Prayer Leading to Global Day of Prayer

Join us at the New Hope Prayer Center

(located at the Mystic Community Church in Mystic, IA)

for this Special Event May 25 through June 3

12:00-1:30 pm Each Day

Beginning Ascension Day, May 25, 2017, Christians around the world will find ways to pray night and day throughout the 10 days leading up to Pentecost Sunday, June 4. This is part of the Global Day of Prayer movement that has been going on since 2005. Join us at the New Hope Prayer Center whenever you can for these special 10 Days, as we unite our prayers with the prayers of others in our nation and around the world.

Regular Prayer Center Hours will change from Wednesday to Thursday May 25th for the first day of the 10 Days of Prayer Event (special service 12:00-1:30 pm)

Prayer Center Open Thrusday May 25th till 4:00 pm

National Day of Prayer Event

National Day of Prayer

Special Event – Thurs. May 4

New Hope Prayer & Worship Center

(Located in Mystic Community Church)

12:00-12:30 pm Special Prayer Time

Open Noon-4:00 pm 


Many Christians are unaware that they live in a nation that has a law in place requiring our President to proclaim a National Day of Prayer each year on the first Thursday in May: The President shall issue each year a proclamation designating the first Thursday in May as a National Day of Prayer on which the peoples of the United States may turn to God in prayer and meditation at churches, in groups, and as individuals. (Public Law 105-225) As citizens and residents of the United States, and as Believers in Christ Jesus, we not only have a spiritual responsibility according to 1 Timothy 2:1-2 to pray, but a civic duty as well to heed our President’s call to stand in the gap for our nation. Who but God’s people have the ability to enter into the very throne room of Heaven with prayers and petitions?

Join us at the New Hope Prayer & Worship Center

(located in Mystic Community Church sanctuary)

Thursday, May 4 – Special National Day of Prayer Focus will be 12:00-12:30 pm

Open Noon-4:00 pm


Urgent Call For a Three-Day Fast For the USA

March 8-11 – “For Such a Time As This”

From Lou Engle, Pasadena, CA

Esther said, “I and my young women will also fast as you do. Afterward, though it is against the law, I will go to the king…and if I perish, I perish” (Esther 4:16).

There are moments in history when a door for massive change opens. Great revolutions, either good or evil, spring up in the vacuum created by these openings. In such divine moments, key men, women and entire generations risk everything to become the hinge of history—the “pivot point” that determines which way the door will swing.

The Esther Hour

Esther is a prototype of history’s hinge—a courageous woman who humbly and artfully spoke truth to power. Facing witchcraft and dark conspiracies in Persia’s power base, Queen Esther risked her life, armed with nothing but a dying love for her people, a providential position of authority, her own dignity, and the secret arsenal of corporate prayer and fasting. Through her a nation was spared annihilation. (Photo by Donna Smallenberg“For Such a Time as This” via Elijah List Shopper)

Three years ago in a leaders summit in Fredericksburg Virginia, our meeting was sovereignly hijacked as the Lord shifted our focus toward the hidden taproot of strength in the godly women of America. We began to envision something of a million women gathering on the mall in Washington DC, similar to the Promise Keepers gathering, that would be a last-stand breakthrough to hold back darkness in America. Those hours of corporate intercession were as strong and clear as any prophetic moment I have ever encountered in thirty plus years of prayer, but at the time we could not see how it could be brought to pass. Habakkuk’s statement seemed to be the counsel of the Lord to us, “Though the vision tarry, wait for it, it will surely come” (Habakkuk 2:3).

The Truly Empowered Woman

That moment arrived January 21, 2017, the day after the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, as we watched hundreds of thousands of women take to the streets with the purported aim of “empowering women.” A vacuum had been created by this election, by historic women’s injustices, and it seemed that a false heiress rushed in and was seeking now to become the hinge of history by framing the narrative of a future America that does not acknowledge God’s exalted view of women and His Biblical design for her glorious purpose in the earth. Instinctively we had a corporate knowing: it was the time for the true empowered woman to stand up, for the meek (strength-filled humility) shall inherit the earth.

Hundreds of thousands of women watched the March, heard the vitriol, and couldnot identify with the radical ideologies being expressed that would not acknowledge God’s Word and ways in the public controversy. This new woman declared deep inside her heart this is not my revolution.” Now, like Esther, she is arising for such a time as this. It’s time for this corporate Esther to frame the future by recognizing and taking up her God-given role of persistent public persuasion in the open square as well as that of her humble appeal to God in prayer.

Fasting Through Purim

The Women’s March was the first shot across the bow, heralding a revolutionary rise against the President of the United States, “We the People”, and in reality, the foundational Biblical truths upon which our nation was founded. Soon after, the second shot was manifested publicly: an unprecedented global summons of witchcraft to curse President Trump, his cabinet and all of those aligned with a Biblical worldview. Suddenly, the whole controversy was elevated to a global spiritual dimension, inaugurating a spiritual battle that cannot be won on the playing field of protests and political arguments.

Only the Church has the answer to this unprecedented manifestation of witchcraft. Spiritual strategy must be used to overcome this open-faced, brazen challenge of the powers.

According to Derek Prince, Haman (the adversary in the Book of Esther), was practicing divination through the casting of lots, and was clearly aligning himself with demonic spiritual powers to destroy the whole Jewish population in the earth. Esther’s three-day fast broke the spiritual power channeled by Haman’s witchcraft. It effectively reversed the curse and shifted the whole public policy of the Persian Empire towards the Jewish people. I cannot stress this enough: we are in a similar day and a cataclysmic battle for the soul of our nation. We cannot live the same way we lived yesterday.

Recently, two women contacted me and asked me to use my influence to call for a three-day Esther Fast to answer this challenge. Immediately after, I experienced a life-changing dream where I saw a nation-wide Esther movement arising that alone could break a major spiritual power of death.

I knew then that I was to take my place as a Mordecai and call not only “Esther and her handmaidens” but the whole nation, to fast and pray for three days leading up to Purim. The Jewish holiday Purim celebrates God’s deliverance of the Jews through Esther’s fasting, sacrifice and courage. This year, Purim begins on Saturday evening, March 11th.

Therefore, we are seizing this sudden moment for a three-day Esther Fast from sundown on Wednesday, March 8th through the evening of Saturday, March 11th to counter this witchcraft, to stand against the rising anti-Semitism, pray for the President, and contend for the uprising of an Esther movement in America that will, among many things, reverse the decree of ’73, Roe V. Wade, just as Haman’s decree was reversed.

Let the women (and the nation) arise as Esther’s for such a time as this and take their place in the courts of Heaven and in the public courts of man to shape history in this hour. If your heart burns, mobilize this fast to all your connections. Blow the trumpet in Zion! Call a fast!

Consumed by the call,

Lou Engle
Co-Founder of TheCall, Inc.
Founder, Bound 4 Life 

Email: response@thecall.com
Website: www.thecall.com

Here is a good prayer to pray and proclaim during this week (modified from a prayer by James Nesbit). Let’s all be praying this aloud in unity:

Father, as we enter the feast of Purim we thank You for Donald Trumps presidency, and we present the case of Jeff Sessions, head of the Department of Justice, before the Highest Court of All. We ask that you reverse the curses of witchcraft and counsels of darkness and expose the cunningly devised labors of the spirit of Hamon that seeks to undo what you are doing to heal the land. May the mischief of media and cooperation of enemies in government be turned back and hung on its own journalistic gallows. May the sources of betrayal deep inside the government be uprooted.

Lord, You are the justice of the Highest Court, and we are thanking You for Your intervention and Your will to be established in this matter! If there are those who have conspired to ruin this man’s good name and reputation, and sabotage the presidency of Donald Trump, and thereby committing treason against this nation; we thank You, that whatever has been, or is being done in darkness, and every person who is behind it all the way to the source, be brought out into the fullness of Your light, and Your justice! What they have intended for him, in Your infinite wisdom, and eternal justice, measure back a just sentence to them.

It seems we are constantly having to appropriate Isaiah 57:14 on behalf of someone in this administration. And this day, on Jeff Sessions behalf, through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, we decree: No weapon formed against Jeff Sessions (or any other cabinet member) shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against him in judgment will be condemned!

Father, we thank You for this word that You gave concerning Alabama’s destiny and impact on our nation through Cindy Jacobs on 4.11. 2014:

“And the Lord would say to the State of Alabama, I am going to cause you to be the voice of Judicial Reform. God says, there will be an anointing come out of Alabama that is going to reverse the judicial activism that has been in this nation, says thy God. I’m going to give weight to your voice. I’m going to give strength to your voice. I say Alabama will be a first fruits state that will be a bastion, that will begin to undo the agendas to take the values of Jesus Christ out of this nation, God says. And I’m going to use Alabama to reverse what satan has done. And it will begin, it will tip the nation.”

We believe Jeff Sessions appointment as Head of the Department of Justice is the beginning of the fulfillment of this word. And a part of the strategy of hell is to force his resignation, to abort this word. So Father, we thank You for rendering Your verdict and making Your justice swift, stiff, and strong.

Just as president Trump issued the executive Order that for every new regulation, there would be the removal two! We are thanking You that every time there is an unjust assault released against a leader, a seven-fold release of blood bought light, will minister to every king pin in each of the seven mountains!

“The Lord will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before your face; they shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways.”
Deuteronomy 28:7